Take 20% off this N95 mask with a purification system and supply of filters

Take 20% off this N95 mask with a purification system and supply of filters

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In the past year, masks have joined keys, phones, and wallets as personal items you simply can't afford to leave home without. So don't settle for anything less than a mask that allows you to get outside with increased confidence and comfort with a continuous flow of filtered air.

Enjoy sustained safety and the peace of mind supplied by advanced design, all for a discounted price, with the Photofast Refresh N95 Personal Purification System. Featuring 30 replaceable filters, this innovative device is available for a limited time at only $144.99 (reg. $179) thanks to a 20% discount.

This medical-grade silicone mask seals to your face with a perfect fit and provides 95% particle protection without compromising comfort. Its built-in air circulation system supplies fresh air while facilitating the removal of CO2, heat, and moisture from inside the mask, keeping you cool and refreshed throughout your day. It's a great way to cut down on fogged glasses and skin issues caused by trapped sweat.

Of course, while keeping you comfortable, this technology is always working to keep you healthy. N95-rated filters largely block harmful particles such as dust, allergens, bacteria, pollution, and viruses. These filters are replaceable and disposable, allowing for re-use of the mask, and with 30 backups provided in this purchase, you'll be covered for a while.

This mask is conveniently rechargeable via micro USB for up to eight hours of runtime, so it's an ideal component of any travel itinerary or business trip. Plus, the white cloth cover mask is machine washable so you never need to worry about overuse.

It's unclear when masks won't need to be a part of our daily routine anymore but, in the meantime, maximize this moment with the most effective and manageable option on the market. Claim your Photofast Refresh N95 Personal Purification System, equipped with 30 backup filters, for only $144.99 (reg. $179).

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