Become a tax expert with a remarkable discount on this nine-course training bundle

Become a tax expert with a remarkable discount on this nine-course training bundle

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Let's face it taxes are tricky for millions of Americans on an annual basis, costing them too much money or placing them in potential legal peril with the IRS. You may think the only solution is spending big bucks on a professional service, but perhaps you've been selling yourself short.

Learn how to do taxes like a pro and boost your financial literacy with lifetime access to nine best-selling courses from CPA Robert Steele. This bundled experience usually costs $1,800 but is currently available for a limited time at only $38.97 thanks to a 97% price reduction.

That discount makes this decision an easy one, as you will add long-lasting value to your approach with taxes and reap monetary benefits for years to come based on such a small initial investment. Equipped with more than 700 total lessons, each course alone is worth $200 and will contribute toward an empowering education.

Learn how to correctly enter and review tax data for Partnership Income Tax (Form 1065), a vital tax document for business partnerships stating its profits, losses, deductions, and credits. Along the way, you will also master navigation through processes such as the S Corporation Income Tax (Form 1120S), C Corporation Income Tax (Form 1120), and self-employment options.

Discover how to take full advantage of deductions for the business use of your home, assess the impact of education tax credits and benefits, evaluate the right move for handling dependents and family-specific situations, and calculate the potential tax consequences of a property sale.

Plus, QuickBooks Pro Desktop 2020 is the leading accounting software, and you will master it to complete and prepare your taxes with increased efficiency moving forward. Understand accounting cycles related to revenue, purchases and payroll, and generate reports that lend insight on what is working and what isn't.

This nine-course bundle normally sells for nearly $2,000 but it can now belong to you with anytime access for less than $40.

Prices subject to change.