This Is The Pet Health Insurance Your Pet Deserves — It's Also The One Your Budget Needs

This Is The Pet Health Insurance Your Pet Deserves — It's Also The One Your Budget Needs


One thing's for certain: we love our pets, and they are a part of our families. We do all that we can to keep them happy, healthy, and by our side for as long as we can. 

But we also know that pets can be unpredictable, and they can get injured or become sick despite our absolute best efforts. When that day comes, pet parents want their pets to receive the best medical care and treatment available — high costs be damned.

This is where pet health insurance comes in. 

It’s easier to afford costly medical care for our pets with pet insurance, and it’s better than relying on the money in our bank account or a line of credit with a high-interest rate. Plus, we can easily keep up with preventative vaccines, vet visits, and prescriptions that can add up quickly. But finding pet insurance can be overwhelming with so many companies flooding the market and a range of prices and offerings. Of course, one particular company stands out from the rest, and that company is Lemonade.

Pet Insurance for the 21st Century

Like it did for homeowners and renters insurance, Lemonade is transforming the very business model of pet insurance by bringing it into the 21st century. It prides itself on creating pet health insurance for pet parents who care and love their pets by providing an affordable, hassle-free digital experience. 

With Lemonade, you do not have to wait months to get reimbursed for your pet's medical expenses, and you'll never get stuck having to send a fax or wait on hold to reach someone. Filing claims is easy and super fast. 

Being a responsible pet owner also includes being financially responsible for your pet, and Lemonade makes that easy and affordable. Its plan options have been carefully crafted in collaboration with its team of pet experts and lots of excited pet parents in order to deliver plans that actually fit your needs — nothing more, nothing less.

This also means that you can customize your policy so that your pet gets the coverage they need and you only pay for the things you’ll use. 

For example, Lemonade's base pet health insurance policy helps you pay for accidents and illnesses, but you can also add a Preventive and Wellness package which covers preventative care costs such as your annual check-up, several vaccines, routine blood work, and more. This plan also comes with a bonus feature of live medical chat with experts in case you have questions or concerns. 

There is also an Extended Accident and Illness package that you can add on, which will reimburse you for treatments like physical therapy, acupuncture, and hydrotherapy. As a bonus with this plan option, Lemonade will cover fees for vet visits, which some clinics will bill you for. 

Besides the fact that Lemonade has the world's fastest claims payment and a 4.9-star rating in the Google Play Store, it also differs from other pet health insurance providers due to its unique Giveback feature. 

Giveback is when Lemonade donates unused premiums to charities the users pick when they sign up (including several pet-centric causes!). This way, Lemonade customers don’t have to worry about their claims being denied so the company can save money, and society benefits too. 

Your pet gives you unconditional love, and they ask for little back (maybe a belly rub and some good treats), so they deserve to be well taken care of when they are not feeling their best. 

How To Get A Quote

The full Lemonade experience is available through iOS and Android apps, and you can also purchase a policy or get a quote through their website.

It only takes a few seconds to sign up for Lemonade Pet Health Insurance. I checked it out and got a quote in less than a minute by answering a few short questions. 

That being said, pet insurance for cats and dogs through Lemonade starts as a low as $10/month and will range based on several factors such as breed, geographic location, and age. 

You can also receive a discounted rate if you bundle with Lemonade's renters or homeowner’s insurance.