Take your marketing strategy to the next level by incorporating augmented reality

Take your marketing strategy to the next level by incorporating augmented reality

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Although there seems to be an expanding light at the end of this lengthy pandemic tunnel, things are unlikely to feel completely "normal" again for a while, and that sentiment certainly extends to the customer-supplier relationship across industries. Social distancing measures and stay-at-home policies have deeply impacted the ability for companies to make an impression on potential consumers, but technological innovations are here to help savvy businesses evolve toward even greater profit potential.

The Aryel AR Marketing Platform is precisely the kind of forward-thinking investment that people can make to stay ahead of the curve and it currently comes at a 92% price reduction. Typically available for $948, that discount drops the cost to only $69.99 for a limited time, setting the stage for you to cash in with 10-times greater engagement.

Revamp your marketing strategy while optimizing your budget and improving your conversion rate by up to 33% with engaging augmented reality campaigns. If your brand is feeling a bit dull these days, and you're searching for a "wow" factor, then you've found the fix.

With no coding skills or extra apps required, lifetime access to Aryel provides the perks of AR. Customizable and interactive experiences can easily be shared through a link across various platforms and channels, and, in turn, you'll receive feedback on how those efforts performed and where improvements can be made.

Campaign-building methods allow you to upload digital assets or choose from third-party libraries, with 3,000 ready-to-use AR assets primed to improve your approach. Monitor customer behavior and engagement in order to adjust accordingly and maximize resources efficiently.

Make sure your logo receives the attention you desire from an expanded audience, and analyze the demographics that prove most likely to provide you with financial gains. Stay updated on campaigns in real time and step up your social media presence with efforts using Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Insight Tag, and others.

With up to three users per account, your team can connect in ways you've only imagined, regardless of the circumstances these challenging times present. Instantly expand your reach with the Aryel AR Marketing Platform for only $69.99 (reg. $948).

Prices subject to change.