Enjoy farm-to-table meat delivered to your door for a discount

Enjoy farm-to-table meat delivered to your door for a discount

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For more than a full year now, making meal plans in a public setting has been a tricky process, and in some cases, really not an option. With the restaurant industry shut down in a substantial way during this lengthy span, many of us have been forced to step up our personal culinary skills.

At-home cooking can be a tall task, and routinely requires return trips to crowded grocery stores. Whether you're searching for an easier solution or simply looking to mix things up a bit on your own kitchen menu, Premium Farm-to-Table Meat Boxes present a fantastic alternative.

Healthy and wholesome, these boxes are packed with centerpiece proteins for future dinners that are sure to impress family and friends. For a limited time, the Lovers' Regale box, featuring pasture-raised angus, is available to order for only $149 (reg. $159).

Featuring top-tier cuts of meat that are free from GMOs, hormones, and chemicals, this package is the culmination of a healthier and more ethical process. It consists of two Pastured Oregon Angus NY Strip Steaks (0.8 pounds), two Pastured Oregon Angus Tenderloin Tails (1.25 pounds), and four Pastured Oregon Angus & Wagyu Ground Beef cuts (one pound).

Your meat is flash-frozen for delivery within 72 hours, kept securely preserved using insulation and dry ice. Whip up a special meal upon the arrival of your box's contents, or toss the entire collection into your freezer for future plans.

United Harvest is a community of small farms that have joined together in a venture helping to fuel an exciting direct-to-consumer food revolution. Creating products such as Premium Farm-to-Table Meat Boxes, they're serving up unrivaled taste that is responsibly sourced.

Take your at-home dining experience to another level by purchasing this Premium Farm-to-Table Meat Box for only $149.

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