Keep online passwords and records safe with an 80% discount on SplashID Pro

Keep online passwords and records safe with an 80% discount on SplashID Pro

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As a society, we've learned to rely on advanced technology to accomplish many of our most important tasks through remote means. Whether educational, professional, or personal, instant connection is easily accessible at all times, but that poses potential threats to cybersecurity.

Passwords are a longstanding solution to prevent such vulnerabilities, but innovations from hackers have rapidly made old privacy methods obsolete. SplashID Pro will help you sustain control of all online accounts as the most trusted name in password management.

Lifetime access to this proven tool is currently available for only $39.99, the result of an 80% discount from its regular price ($199). Compatible with iOS,  Android, macOS X, and Windows Vista, it's a versatile defensive system that ensures prying eyes are kept away from your most vital information.

Trusted by one million-plus users during the last decade, SplashID is a resource for keeping confidential information well-guarded in an unpredictable and ever-expanding internet landscape. That includes financial records, legal correspondence, and company management.

Don't risk those passwords falling into the wrong hands, or forgetting them altogether hey, it happens to all of us. Simply sync your records and get automated backups that are securely downloaded and able to be restored as required.

The SplashID dashboard provides the blend of accessibility and security you desire. Plus, if necessary, records can be safely shared with other SplashID users, and even non-users.

Learn why SplashID was named a top password manager by CSO Online, and join over a million individual users worldwide in discovering its instant advantages. Hundreds of businesses have also been the beneficiary, so this product caters to cybersecurity needs of all sizes.

Slash $160 off the final cost and enjoy lifetime usage of SplashID for only $39.99.

Prices subject to change.