Pick up an adjustable dumbbell set for more than $80 off

Pick up an adjustable dumbbell set for more than $80 off

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Gym closures caused by COVID have been a major storyline in America during the last year, leading many to explore alternative methods to maintain physical fitness. The at-home workout market presents plenty of options, and there is excellent value to be found in this limited-time offer.

Get ready for your fittest summer yet with an adjustable dumbbell weight set from Costway. Primed to be customized with 16 plates, the 66-pound set is currently available for more than $80 off, as a 31% price discount drops the cost to only $184.99 (reg. $269).

Eliminate the need for expensive gym memberships and set aside any weather-related excuses by enjoying this product made from firm, durable material. A short-term solution and long-term investment, use this set to boost your arm muscles and build up shoulders while forming a healthier physique.

Aside from being utilized as a versatile pair, these dumbbells can also be connected to create a barbell. This expands your options for a comprehensive workout plan, adding new challenges to your at-home approach.

A compact design is ideal for easy storage and portability, while the ability to easily add or lose weight from each dumbbell makes this an excellent option for users of all ages and strength levels.

Fitness gains often come down to the little things, but nothing matters more than putting work in with consistency. No longer let crosstown drives, lazy spells, or gym restrictions stop you from checking a workout off your list, and simplify that process by picking up these dumbbells in any room of your home.

Don't let circumstances beyond your control dictate your physical well-being; keep pushing to fulfill the desire for a better you this year. Break through or bounce back with this highly functional and adjustable dumbbell weight set for only $184.99 (reg. $269).

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