Bright Cellars brings you new wines to sample and explore at home

Bright Cellars brings you new wines to sample and explore at home

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For most of us, the at-home lifestyle lacks luxury and is more about convenience over everything. But who says you can't have a bit of both while spicing up the daily routine?

Bring some extra culture and fresh tastes into your home when you join Bright Cellars. Meet a company that's on a mission to democratize the wine world by giving you freedom of choice in finding the best bottles delivered right to your door.

Since the start of pandemic closures in 2020, United States consumers are purchasing more wine online than at any time previous. Unfortunately, many of these options force customers to sacrifice specific, personalized preferences for generic easy access, but that's precisely the tradeoff that Bright Cellars strives to avoid.

A simple, yet complex process

Right now, it is important to stay healthy and at home when you can. With Bright Cellars, you're not settling for anything less than the experience you actually deserve upon each uncorking.

The process starts simply, as a specially designed 30-second quiz enables Bright Cellars to pair users with six unique wines that are believed to fit precisely what you're searching for in each sip. Members can change the number of reds versus whites they receive at any time, and orders can be skipped as you see fit, so there's no pressure to spend money if you're still stocked up from last month.

For those who like to go a bit beyond just sipping the occasional glass, each Bright Cellars box supplies a wine experience tailored to your tastes, with wine education cards that provide information such as the native regions of each grape, tasting notes, serving suggestions, and food pairings that will wow any guests.

Raise a glass...and your expectations

Make a night out of it and plan a meal based on that wine-specific information, adding some much-needed imagination to those mundane stay-at-home weekends. You'll enjoy a far-ranging assemblage of wine, sourced by sommeliers from growers in Australia, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, and elsewhere.

And since Bright Cellars wants to ensure it's serving up the satisfaction you crave, if a bottle isn't up to your standards, they will work to adjust your taste profile and include a replacement in your next box. 

For those new to the online wine world, Bright Cellars does its best to earn your confidence by offering a 50-percent price reduction on the first six-bottle box ordered. That's a $45 value.

A matching algorithm, focused on taste not label, eases the process of picking out the right bottle. You don't need to be a wine expert to appreciate the results, and it's fun discovering new favorites with friends.

Building a better box

Another interactive aspect of using Bright Cellars is the ability to rate each wine upon consumption. Your feedback will directly factor into future wine suggestions and box orders, rather than relying on a randomly assigned mix like others in the industry.

The goal is not only to get each box closer to fulfilling the full scope of your wine needs but also to help you learn more about your own taste as you go along. The education provided by Bright Cellars can empower you to order wine like a pro at your next dinner out, even if you don't fully understand the wine list.

Throughout your membership, Bright Cellars' accessible and knowledgeable concierge service is standing by to answer any questions or make changes to account preferences, and each is an expert in this craft so you'll be guided well.

Discover an expanded wine palate while mentally escaping to faraway vineyards as you sample rich smells and sips from the comfort of home. Start that journey by exploring Bright Cellars, and save 50 percent on your first box.

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