Check out this easy and affordable solution for excess pet fur

Check out this easy and affordable solution for excess pet fur

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During the last year, with options limited beyond the house, many of us have spent more quality time with our pets than ever before. And while we love most everything about our cuddly friends and the way they follow us from room to room, sometimes their shedding becomes too much to handle.

If you're dealing with excess fur on your outfits on a daily basis, there is finally an affordable solution for easy and consistent cleans. The FurZapper Pet Hair Remover for Clothes and Laundry is a reusable and hypoallergenic answer to an issue that tends to intensify during warmer months.

For a limited time, you can purchase a two-pack of FurZapper for only $12.99 (reg. $14) and eliminate messes by using this product with your washer and dryer cycles.

While showing us plenty of affection, our cats and dogs unknowingly leave behind fur and hair on clothes, blankets, beddings, and other fabrics. This can cause irritation for those more sensitive to allergies, and it's simply not an appealing look throughout your home.

FurZapper handles that concern, while also removing lint, dander, and other debris, by circulating with your laundry. In the washer, this silicone product dislodges pet fur and rinses that down the drain, while in the dryer it heats up and becomes stickier to ensure additional fur is pulled into the lint trap.

Afterward, there is no need to re-wash, and you'll enjoy immediate results that don't require additional work, and leave your clothes looking fresh. It prevents fur from building up elsewhere, and is safe to use for children's garments.

Enjoy the company of your pets without the hassle of handling the messes they create with shedded hair and fur. Address the issue without wasting money on more expensive products or a professional cleaning service by purchasing a two-pack of FurZapper for only $12.99 (reg. $14).

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