Pay what you want for advanced Excel training courses

Pay what you want for advanced Excel training courses

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Looking to climb the career ladder? Whether you're aiming to become a versatile and valuable office expert or launch your own business as an entrepreneur, skills in Microsoft Excel can provide a crucial shortcut toward achieving daily and long-term goals. 

In this era, your Excel skills must go far beyond making a simple spreadsheet. This powerful software can do so much more, and those who master it are in-demand across a variety of markets. Deliver valuable data crunches and advanced analytical presentations that make you increasingly indispensable by diving into an extraordinary opportunity on The Essential 2021 Excel Wizard Bundle.

Valued at $2,189, this 11-course collection will place you on a path toward Excel wizardry. And, best of all, you determine what it's worth to you.

How does this Pay-What-You-Want setup work?

Pay what you want — hence the name — and if that's less than the average price, you'll still take home something great. Beat the average price and you'll take home the entire bundle. Beat the leader's price, and get entered into an epic cash giveaway.

You'll love seeing your skills sharpen, course by course, spanning nearly 250 lessons, with this investment.

Detail the ins and outs of Excel, whether you need to prepare an expansive workbook for a CEO or simply put together your household budget. Take a step-by-step approach to quickly catch up on using Excel, from basic functions and terminology to savvy moves that can otherwise take years to learn.

This experience enables you to easily build dynamic tools that filter, display, and analyze your data. Plus, you'll learn how to design customizable, formula-based formatting rules that cut down on work time.

Discover how trends lend insight into any project and go inside real-world case studies. This bundle guides you through the building blocks of automating tasks and cleaning up worksheets, and it will have you prepared to develop your own data models for gathering accurate, complete, and timely reports.

Join others who've tapped into their potential, and make the career leap you've been looking for with this limited-time deal on The Essential 2021 Excel Wizard Bundle while opting to pay what you want.

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