Stay cool this summer with a low price on this smart leafless fan

Stay cool this summer with a low price on this smart leafless fan

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We have finally gained some separation from a challenging winter, with spring now in full force, and before you know it, heat waves will come rolling in to mark the next phase on our seasonal calendar. As always, it's wise to stay ahead of those rising temperatures by making sure you've got the tools required for that task.

Don't wait until the thermostat climbs to discover you're not well-equipped. Take a proactive approach by exploring the personal upgrade presented by this Smart Leafless Fan.

Safe, sleek, and energy-efficient, this innovative device keeps the air cool with its 80-degree oscillating design, eight-hour timer, and dual control. Typically sold for $249, a 26% discount currently drops that cost to only $182.95.

Perfect for any bedroom, office, workspace, or college dorm, this lightweight and silver-colored fan features a bladeless build. That design ensures that airflow is smooth, and eliminates possible safety concerns for pets or small children.

This device can be used via remote, while an eight-hour timer feature sets up an automatic stop upon completion of a cycle, cutting down on wasted electricity. In fact, this product consumes half of the energy that a conventional fan requires.

Its oscillating angle design allows airflow to reach every corner of a room, which is perfect for catering to a situation with multiple people sharing a small area. Avoid the stuffiness that results in uncomfortable living or working arrangements, and stay away from sweaty sleepless nights without investing in an expensive air conditioning unit and blowing up your utility bill.

With warmer days on the way, make sure you are prepared to chill out no matter what Mother Nature offers up. Pick up a Smart Leafless Fan for only $182.95 (reg. $249).

Prices subject to change.