Block telemarketing and spam texts with 50% savings on this proven app

Block telemarketing and spam texts with 50% savings on this proven app

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Have you had enough of the seemingly endless random phone calls that invade your privacy and attempt to scam you in some way? Fortunately, there is a new solution to this growing problem, and it's now available at a discounted price.

The RoboKiller Spam Call and Text Blocker is built to protect you from constant unwanted contact and annoying interruptions. Better yet, for a limited time, this innovative app can be accessed through a three-year subscription for only $59.99 (reg. $119), slashing the standard price in half.

Robocalls can be highly coordinated and spread dangerous misinformation, jeopardizing your mental health and financial well-being. No one deserves to be harassed by malicious scams or sleazy telemarketers, but current realities can make them difficult to avoid.

RoboKiller is here to give you back control by automatically blacklisting 500 million known phone scams. Finally, the only calls and texts you will receive are the ones you actually want.

Featuring answer bots that respond to spam calls and deter confused telemarketers, it eliminates wasted time and potential confusion. RoboKiller also guards against the rising trend of neighbor spoofing, which is when scammers use reliable-looking phone numbers — often featuring the prefix of your local area code — to disguise their identities.

Providing the ability to build personalized 'block' and 'allow' lists, RoboKiller supplies ultimate power over how you receive calls and texts and verifies the actual source. Its SMS spam protection prevents your phone from accepting scam text messages from notorious spammers who've already taken advantage of others.

Aside from personal use, RoboKiller is a great resource for the more vulnerable people in your life, such as children and senior citizens. Eliminate the unnecessary distractions and threats, and regain the kind of phone privacy you expect with three-year coverage from The RoboKiller Spam Call and Text Blocker for only $59.99 (reg. $119).

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