Learn a new language, find cheap flights, and more with this travel bundle

Learn a new language, find cheap flights, and more with this travel bundle

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At long last, Americans are facing fewer travel restrictions and it's finally time to start planning that dream vacation that you've postponed long enough. While we often focus on what it takes to reach our desired destination—the fees, flights, and ground transportation—it's also important to prepare for what awaits in order to make the most of each experience.

Turn to The World Traveler Bundle, featuring a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone, as a perfect resource for planning the journey of your dreams. From a proven language-learning software to surprising airline deals, this comprehensive collection normally costs nearly $1,800, but can currently be purchased for only $199.

Rosetta Stone lets you establish communication through fundamental methods. Users can discover up to 24 languages offered by this award-winning software, which equips you with a customized and realistic plan, ensuring your learning schedule features doable tasks with curated content and helpful reminders to help you stay on track. 

Rosetta Stone will pave new paths for you with an array of linguistic avenues, such as Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian. With easy-to-master interactive lessons and instant-feedback speech-recognition technology, you'll soon learn why the Wall Street Journal stated this program "may be the next best thing to living in a country".

Meanwhile, a three-year premium subscription to Matt's Flights is the smartest way to spend less on long-distance travel. Users will receive low-priced flight alerts—five times as many as those using a free membership—based on their preferred airport location, with an unlimited amount of custom searches personalizing the process.

A premium plan with Matt's Flights brings you the best deals available all day long. Whether they are super discounted sales or simple mistakes made by airline companies, you can't beat these offers, which are quickly emailed for your consideration.

Additionally, The Complete 2021 Travel Hacker guides users through 13 hours of content on making the most of your experiences, from documenting moments at amazing places to traveling abroad on a budget.

Approach your next trip better prepared, and enjoy increased value, with support from The World Traveler Bundle for only $159.20 with code TRAVEL20 (reg. $1,784).

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