This $25 bundle makes upgrading PCs, transferring files, and deleting data much easier

This $25 bundle makes upgrading PCs, transferring files, and deleting data much easier

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With so many organizations undergoing digital transformation, the method by which people transfer files from one device to another has become crucial. After all, now that many have transitioned to working from home, collaboration has never been more paramount. It’s imperative that workers have access to the files they need when they need them.

Apart from transferring files over the internet or the cloud, transferring data between devices is also vital. But it’s often a time-consuming affair and quite a hassle to do. Luckily, you can get all the help from the PC Transfer Kit, which includes a trio of apps that allow for easy data transfer, deletion, and backup and recovery. For a limited time, you can grab it on sale for 80% off.

The bundle features three apps: PCmover Professional, DiskImage, and SafeImage. PCmover Professional, a program recommended by Microsoft®, Intel®, and other major PC manufacturers. It offers advanced migration options to reduce the time it takes to deploy PCs and lower the cost of PC refresh projects. It lets users automatically transfer everything they want from one PC to another, saving hours of IT labor and increases end-user satisfaction.

On the other hand, DiskImage replicates all your applications, files, and settings, allowing you to easily restore your PC and recover damaged or lost files. It’s even capable of restoring to a PC with different hardware using the built-in Hardware Independent Restore feature, which not only protects data, but also secures your entire computer. When you restore an image, the old PC’s setup is restored along with the data, whether it is onto the same PC or a different one. This way, you’re protected against any data loss.

Finally, there’s SafeImage, which works to permanently delete sensitive information. Deleted data can often be recovered, but with this app, you can delete whatever you want to delete safely and securely. It utilizes a series of government-recommended deletion methods to completely wipe personal data from your hard drive to the point that it becomes unrecoverable. You can rest assured that financial information, email archives, photos, and Internet history are deleted forever.

The PC Transfer Kit usually retails for $129, but you can get it on sale for only $24.99 for a limited time.

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