Save over 70% on this software bundle featuring Rosetta Stone and add a $30 store credit

Save over 70% on this software bundle featuring Rosetta Stone and add a $30 store credit

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The realities of social distancing present a challenge, but there is also a tremendous opening for self-improvement. An exclusive, drastically discounted lifetime subscription bundle that includes enriching and trusted apps such as Rosetta Stone provides a perfect opportunity to flourish while away from the fray.

Looking to emerge as an increasingly well-rounded individual? Take advantage of major savings on The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle. Build your abilities by utilizing three powerful apps anytime and anywhere.

Typically priced at $844, this package can currently be purchased for only $159.20 using coupon code ROSETTA20 at checkout. That's nearly $700 savings on a bundle that allows you to explore the world from the comforts of your own home,

Plus, when you make this purchase, you will receive a $30 store credit within 7-10 days of the transaction, so you'll have more savings waiting next time.

Enjoy unlimited access to learn 24 languages offered by Rosetta Stone's award-winning software. Becoming multilingual comes with benefits — personally and professionally — and the proven structure of Rosetta Stone will prepare you to leverage it. Soon, you'll be able to travel for business and pleasure at will. Go forth with confidence thanks to Rosetta's Stone's easy-to-master interactive lessons and instant-feedback speech-recognition technology. 

When you're not mastering a new language (or a few), expand your reading list with the 12min Premium Micro Book Library. Access books of far-ranging interests and allows you to absorb each in just 12 minutes — with or without an internet connection.

These micro books can also be sent to your Kindle account, and you can look forward to the arrival of 30 fresh titles every month. Choose from various topics including productivity, finance, and leadership, and dive into each via text or audio formats.

To help you maximize these self-empowering products, this bundle is further enhanced by access to KeepSolid VPN Unlimited. Utilizing 400-plus servers with 80-plus locations globally, this virtual private network ensures your online activity won’t be restricted by geographic roadblocks.

Plus, in an on-the-go world, your privacy is protected on public Wi-Fi networks that are often exploited by outsiders.

Expand your mind with The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle for only $159.20 (reg. $844) by using coupon code ROSETTA20 at checkout, and claim a $30 store credit.

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