Sleep better with $40 off this memory foam pillow

Sleep better with $40 off this memory foam pillow

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Many Americans are having major issues getting solid, uninterrupted sleep, but you don't have to be among that unfortunate crowd. Discover a new solution for your nightly needs, and rest soundly and safely, with the Refresh Memory Foam Pillow.

Find the comfort you've been searching for, and do so at an incredible value. Thanks to a limited-time sale, you can pick up your Refresh Memory Foam Pillow for only $67.15 (reg. $109) by using coupon code VIP15.

That's more than $40 off a sleep solution that is more than meets the eye. Infused with green tea oil, this memory foam pillow relieves pressure and relaxes the muscles for a sounder sleep.

It offers incomparable support for your head and neck, cradling them as you drift off to sleep and relieving feelings of fatigue and pain. The soothing impact of green tea essential oil works to relax your muscles, maximizing moments of rest.

Preferred by stomach and back sleepers, or those that prefer a lower loft, the pillow adapts to the natural shape of your body. Free from any potentially harmful substances, the foam reacts to pressure changes and responds accordingly, supplying improved weight distribution and overall comfort.

Meanwhile, a bamboo cover wicks moisture away, keeping you fresh and dry. Breathable and soft to the touch, it has a plush feel that is perfect for bedtime, no matter if the weather is chilly or warm.

Take a proactive stance for better sleep, invest in your health, and achieve long-awaited nighttime peace of mind with a do-it-all pillow that supplies ultimate relaxation at a remarkable price. Pick up the Refresh Memory Foam Pillow for only $67.15 (reg. $109) with coupon code VIP15.

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