Stop those annoying online advertisements with AdBlocker Ultimate for just $29.99

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It’s no surprise that ad-blocking programs are growing and evolving. Where once those apps were content to merely shield you from pesky ads in your browser, the best versions of this old formula are leveling up. They’re mixing the same ad-smashing online prowess they’re known for with some cutting-edge new privacy protections to become an even more valuable suite aimed at safeguarding you and all your data on the web.

AdBlocker Ultimate is among the leaders in this new class of ad blockers, using all the latest tactics to eliminate ads all across your Windows environment, as well as slip in a few other sly tricks to offer even greater security when you’re surfing the digital outer reaches.

With about 30% of all phishing emails getting opened by unsuspecting users, AdBlocker Ultimate makes sure you never fall into that trap, blocking banners, video ads, pop-ups, and online trackers in your browser. Using advanced ad-blocking technology, AdBlocker dismantles browser restrictions to unleash system-level protection, resulting in superior ad-block performance over lesser ad blockers. And AdBlocker doesn’t only stop at your browser, extending its ad-free reach across your entire PC.

Not content to sleep on just blocking ads, AB Ultimate goes a step further, stopping invasive trackers to harvest your personal data and feed it to advertisers, data miners, and even those with darker intentions. 

Unlike other blockers that come with preloaded page restrictions, AdBlocker makes up those rules intelligently as it goes, blocking access to domains that distribute malware, phishing, and scam content. It also lets users customize block preferences and have full control over what content should be blocked. Its abilities are so thorough, it’ll even squash ad content that shows up in your Google search results.

All that ad stoppage does more than clean up your presentation. Stopping all those trackers and other nasty elements from using your system resources, you substantially elevate the performance of your computer, helping your favorite apps work more quickly and with less interruption.

With a string of 4.9 and 4.8 out of 5-star ratings from users on Trustpilot, Chrome Web Store, and more, you can lock in a lifetime personal security license for AdBlocker Ultimate for Windows now at over 60% off the usual price. Regularly $79, it’s on sale now for just $29.99 for a limited time.

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