Employment 101

Resume Writing Services 

If you’ve been searching for a job or perhaps longing for a career change yet haven’t gotten anywhere in the past few months, it might be time to consider a resume writing service. The following are two that might be of interest.

Cambridge-Washington Resume and Writing Service 

Cambridge-Washington Resume and Writing Service, located at 1730 K St., will help you write your resume. The firm offers services for anyone from executive and professional levels to administrative entry-level resumes.

 If you’re having trouble with items beyond your resume, Cambridge-Washington also offers help with cover letters, reference lists and military conversions as well.

 Cambridge-Washington also lists all disciplines they’ve dealt with in the past, including lobbyists, federal government personnel and university professors, so don’t hesitate to contact the service if you’re in need of some extra resume help.

 For more information, visit www.washresume.com.

Resumes That Jump

Once you contact the resume service for senior-level professionals located on U St., they set you up to work directly with a personal writer.

 The writer will then help you identify what skills and accomplishments of yours will stick out most when interviewing for jobs. Resumes That Jump works to make sure what you have to offer will draw attention from employers and recruiters.

 Visit resumesthatjump.com if you are interested in receiving help with your job search. Note: Resumes That Jump is recommended for those with senior-level experience only.

Career Coaches

If you find yourself feeling frustrated and helpless about your job search and unsure of your next step, you might want to consider investing in a career coach or counselor.

Brian Galway, counselor and therapist  

Brian Galway has a master’s degree in counseling psychology, personality and career assessments and stress management techniques. Galway is the person to visit if you feel frustrated and helpless in your job search.

According to Galway’s website, he works to provide individuals seeking his help with focused and goal-oriented tools to ensure positive results.

More information on Galway can be found at http://life-career-coaching.web.officelive.com/default.aspx.

Curt Canada 

Canada’s laidback-yet-serious approach to coaching and consulting is based in confidentiality and working to achieve overall positive changes in his client.

 On his website, findingyourzenith.com, Canada acknowledges the fact that we live in a stressful and changing economic environment. He works to make sure those who seek his services develop a personal confidence necessary for the workplace.

Canada said that looking for a job or career advancement in today’s job market can be very stressful even for the most prepared applicant. “Overall health and wellness are addressed so that you are at your best during this process,” he said.

Canada also tries to make sure applicants understand that a perspective change might be needed. “They’re no longer job hunting to a more healthier focus and direction towards aligning attributes, talents, knowledge, skills and passion with marketplace needs,” he said.