What comes to mind when you think about your favorite beer? Perhaps you think about your favorite brand, or celebrations with friends where having a beer made a good time better.

But have you ever thought about the thousands of people involved – literally from grains to glass – that are at work brewing and delivering you that beer?

With roots dating back to 1862, the Beer Institute has advocated on behalf of brewers, beer importers and beer drinkers for generations. We want to remind Members of Congress – and their staff – that when they enjoy a beer, they are supporting a unique industry with deep ties to American history, culture and the economy.

Jobs Chain

Today's brewing industry represents an often overlooked part of the nation's economy. More than two million Americans are at work because of beer — from farmers to factory workers, brewers to bartenders.

In fact, for every one job at the brewery or beer importer, there are another 45 jobs created in other industries: agriculture, marketing, engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, concessions and retail, just to name a few.

All told, the economic contribution from beer provides more than $246 billion to the country's bottom line. We already contribute more than $49 billion in federal, state and local taxes.

And those two million workers collect $79 billion in wages and benefits, with the average line worker in a major U.S. brewer earned more than $88,000 annually. These are good jobs, and they run deep through our workforce.

When the next Congress convenes, we urge them to go to work finding common ground, whether blue state or red state, whether freshman Member of veteran incumbent. Perhaps they could find that common ground over the simple but celebratory experience of meeting together over a beer. Doing so would go a long way to celebrating the two million Americans who worked to put that beer in their hand.

For more information about brewers, beer importers and industry suppliers, please visit www.BeerInstitute.org.