Huntsman daughters: Campaign calls us 'their secret weapon'


"We're always up to something," said Abby Huntsman, daughter of the former Utah governor.

"Something might be coming. You'll have to tune in," her sister Liddy Huntsman added.

Liddy also took credit for the concept. "I had been receiving e-mails and I had seen the Herman Cain ad all over the place," she said. "...And I was like, this could be actually something we could spoof and make it, you know, age-appropriate and blow bubbles."

Last month, the Cain campaign released an unorthodox ad that ended with Chief of Staff Mark Block smoking a cigarette. The Huntsman parody ad released shortly after featured all three girls wearing mustaches similar to Block's and blowing bubbles at the end of the video.

Mary Anne Huntsman said that the "campaign is now calling us their secret weapon."

Abby Huntsman joked that the they were "the most financially friendly resource they have."

The Huntsman girls have been tweeting their support for their father's campaign under the handle @Jon2012girls