Biden honors 'citizen patriots' at Flight 93 memorial dedication

Vice President Biden paid tribute Saturday to the passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in Shanksville, Pa., on September 11, 2001.

"We’re here today to remember and honor 40 men and women who gave their lives so others could live theirs," Biden said, "decent, honorable women and men who never imagined 10 years ago tomorrow that when they said goodbye to their children, when they kissed their loved ones goodbye and walked through that door, that they were doing it for the very last time."

Biden said that by fighting back against those who hijacked their flight the passengers and crew of Flight 93 were acting as "citizen patriots."

"They join an incredibly elite list of women and men, and a long history filled with ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things," he said, "men and women of undaunted courage, uncommon resolve, and a stubborn perseverance in the face of unfathomable challenge."

Former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton also spoke at the dedication of the still-unfinished memorial.

Clinton promised that he and House Speaker John Boehner, who was also in attendance, would host a fundraiser to help pay for the completion of the Flight 93 memorial.