Kids trick-or-treat at the White House

Kids lined up in the cold, wet weather Saturday evening for the chance to trick-or-treat at the White House with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. 

Several Washington, D.C.-area schools, and the Boys and Girls Club of America, as well as children from military families had the opportunity to participate in the presidential Halloween celebration.

What was the White House candy like? The Obamas gave out White House-shaped cookies, a box of presidential M&M’s and a healthier option of dried fruit.


Earlier this week Obama joked that the first lady's desire for healthy eating might lead to the White House getting "egged" this Halloween if it doesn't start giving out more traditional candy.

"Halloween is coming up, and she's been giving, for the last few years, the kids fruit and raisins in the bag. And I said, 'The White House is going to get egged if this keeps up,'" Obama said to Jay Leno on NBC's "The Tonight Show" on Tuesday.

No egg-throwing incidents were reported after the kids trick-or-treated this year. 

“It’s a great opportunity for folks to come out – but obviously the weather is not cooperating too much,” said Steve Wood, a resident of Alexandria, Va., who works at the Pentagon and brought his 6-year-old son Robert to the White House.

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