First lady recalls favorite Xmas gift

First lady Michelle Obama revealed her Christmas gift for the president — workout clothes — during a stop at the Children’s National Medical Center Monday afternoon. Every first lady since Bess Truman has visited the hospital during the holiday season.


"He said that’s what he wanted. Don’t think — I’m not forcing my husband to work out," she said.

She didn't reveal any specifics about what Sasha and Malia will find under the tree, adding that the president already spoiled their oldest's gift choice.

"Malia wanted a cell phone, but then her father got it for her, and I was like, you messed it up," she said. "It’s like, that should have been a Christmas gift."

The first lady took questions from children after reading them "Twas the night before Christmas."

She said her favorite gift as a child was something Barbie-related.

"I'm sure it was some Barbie-related thing when I was little. I loved Barbie dolls and I had everything Barbie," she said. "I had the town house, the car, the little outfits and the shoes that never stayed on her feet."

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