Obama lunches with O-Care recruiters

President Obama grabbed lunch at a Washington, D.C., diner on Friday with five young adults who are helping to enroll their peers in the ObamaCare exchanges.


The lunch is part of what the White House described as an “aggressive outreach effort” to target young Americans in the final three months of the initial ObamaCare enrollment period.

Earlier this week, White House press secretary Jay Carney said obtaining a “good mix” of younger, healthier enrollees in the program was a “key element” to the overall success of the law.

And now, according to a White House official, the administration plans to ramp up a campaign with nonprofit groups, universities, celebrities and athletes encouraging young Americans to purchase insurance. Those efforts will include door-to-door canvassing, tabling at concerts and a National Youth Enrollment Day scheduled for mid-February. The White House said Obama wanted to “hear directly from young people” involved in the effort during his lunch at The Coupe, a restaurant in Washington's rapidly gentrifying Columbia Heights neighborhood.

Attendees at the lunch included the executive director of the youth division of the Center for American Progress — the liberal think tank founded by Obama's new counselor, John Podesta — and a representative from Young Invincibles, an organization that markets the healthcare exchanges to young consumers.

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