First lady takes on Jimmy Fallon in fitness contest

First lady Michelle Obama proved herself fitter than Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night on the comedian's talk show. 

Fallon and Obama went head-to-head competing in push-ups, a tug-of-war, hula hoops and dodge ball before finishing the competition with a potato sack race. The contests were meant to promote Obama's Let's Move initiative, which aims to inspire young people and combat obesity.


Before the competition began, Fallon showed off his fashion sense, running down the halls of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in head-to-toe blue Spandex.

He got looks of disapproval from Obama and first dog Bo, who made a guest appearance in the comedy sketch, prompting a quick wardrobe change.

A montage of competition then ensued, set to the '80s classic "Eye of the Tiger."

"Well, we're all tied up. Potato sack race for all the marbles," Fallon said. 

"Good luck — you're going to need it," said Obama.

When the tallies were added and races scored, Obama beat Fallon by a landslide.

"The most important thing for the kids to learn is that it's all about being active and having fun; it doesn't matter if you won or if you lost," Fallon said in defeat. 

"It matters," Obama responded, with a pat on the shoulder.

Just before Obama walked away, Fallon called out, "Double or nothing," suggesting a rematch is in order.

Fallon told his studio audience on NBC's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" that he was inspired to compete because of a speech Obama gave, where she said she was "willing to make a fool of herself" in order to promote her initiative.

This wasn't the first time Obama showed off her moves to get attention for her health and fitness campaign. The first lady has done push-ups with Ellen DeGeneres, collaborated with performer Beyonce and showed off her dance moves at numerous public events, all in the name of getting kids active and healthy.

She kicks off a three-day tour in Des Moines, Iowa, on Thursday to celebrate the second anniversary of Let's Move.