Obama jokes industrial locks could 'come in handy' for daughters in high school

"As I was looking at some of the really industrial-size locks, I was thinking about the fact that I am the father of two girls who are soon to be in high school and it might come in handy to have these super-locks," Obama joked during a speech at the Master Lock plant in Milwaukee, Wis.

"For now I'm just counting on the fact that when they go to school there are men with guns with them."

Before diving into policy points, Obama took a moment to reflect, saying being at the Master Lock plant reminded him of his own high-school days. And one thing in particular stood out: the smell.

"It's wonderful to be at Master Lock," Obama said. "I have to say though, it brought back some memories. I was thinking about my gym locker in high school and, you know, if you go into the boy's locker room in high school sometimes it's a little powerful, the odor in there. So I was thinking about the fact that we weren't washing our stuff enough."

The president spoke to workers and supporters Wednesday morning about the importance of American manufacturing, highlighting his "Blueprint for an America Built to Last" initiative, which looks to promote honing in on a domestic workforce and investments in educating workers.