Rove: Obama acting like 'third-world' 'dictator' with contraception rule

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GOP political strategist Karl Rove blasted President Obama's new contraception mandate on Fox Friday, saying the rule sounded like a third-world country run by a dictator donning mirrored sunglasses.

"Where does this authority come from," Rove asked Fox's Bill Hemmer. "This sounds like some third-world county governed by colonels in mirrored sunglasses in which he dictates, 'I, the supreme leader, dictate that something will be provided free when we know the cost of that will have to be borne by everybody else in society that's not getting the free good.' "

Taking a step back from the religious fervor over the birth-control mandate that rules women would be able to obtain contraception from their employer's insurer without a copay, Rove argued that Obama overstepped his presidential authority.

The former Bush adviser criticized the president for ignoring the financial toll free contraception will have on insurance companies, saying the cost will be too much for companies to handle resulting in a fiscal burden for "everyone with a health insurance policy."

"There's going to be a cost to [free contraception]," Rove said. "Somebody's going to have to pick that up and the people who are going to pick it up are everybody who had a health insurance policy. That cost will be embedded in the cost of our product."

"There's not some big pool of money sitting around out there unused that he can use to spend free."