‘Good luck tonight,’ Obama says to Romney on Super Tuesday

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President Obama offered his likely Republican opponent Mitt Romney a caustic good luck for Super Tuesday. 

Asked at a news conference if hed like to respond to Romneys comments calling Obama the most feckless president since Carter, Obama said: Good luck tonight.


After the quip got laughs from the press gallery, Obama smiled and said, No, really. Really.

Ten states will head to the polls for the March 6 Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses, and Romney is expected to win a plurality of delegates. That would set up a showdown with Obama in the fall. 

Obama had been asked if he had anything to say in response to a Romney op-ed in which the former governor criticized his policy toward Israel and Iran and said hope is not a foreign policy. 

Obama did not directly answer the question, but earlier in his news conference he criticized GOP bluster for a war with Iran.