Obama: Lessons from Easter can 'unite Americans of all faiths'

President Obama used his weekly address to commemorate the Easter holiday, saying that all Americans - even non-Christians - “can identify with elements” of the story of Jesus Christ.

“Christ’s triumph over death holds special meaning for Christians. But all of us, no matter how or whether we believe, can identify with elements of His story,” Obama said in the address, posted online Saturday. “The triumph of hope over despair. Of faith over doubt. The notion that there is something out there that is bigger than ourselves.”


“These beliefs help unite Americans of all faiths and backgrounds,” the president said. “They shape our values and guide our work. They put our lives in perspective.”

Obama frequently mentions his Christianity, but the brief holiday message was more singularly focused on faith that most of his speeches. He also mentioned the Jewish holiday of Passover, which began on Friday evening.

“These holidays have their roots in miracles that took place thousands of years ago,” Obama said. “They connect us to our past and give us strength as we face the future. And they remind us of the common thread of humanity that connects us all.”