Biden: West Virginia voters who chose felon over Obama are frustrated, angry

Vice President Biden said he understood the frustration that led many West Virginia Democrats to vote for a felon over President Obama in the state's presidential primary.

Asked what he made of a felon sitting in a Texas prison who won four out of 10 Democratic primary voters in West Virginia, Biden told Ohio television station WTOV that he doesn't blame people who are frustrated and angry over the economy.


“Look, I come from a household where whenever there’s a recession, somebody around my grandpop or my dad’s table lost a job. A brother, a sister a friend, a neighbor," Biden said. "When you’re out of work, man, it’s a depression."

Biden said a lot of Americans are still hurting because of the recession the Obama administration inherited.

"And so I don’t blame people. They’re frustrated, they’re angry," Biden said.

He added that Americans would eventually decide that the path back to employment and prosperity would lead them to Obama's approach rather than Mitt Romney's.