Michelle Obama: ‘We’re all fighting for a decent America’

“There’s more that unites us than divides us,” Obama said on "The View," ABC's daytime talk show. "We’re all fighting for a decent America.” 

Obama said her husband deals with personal attacks by deciding to "go big."

“His motto is they go small, you go big. That means you take the high ground,” she said. “He has kept his eye on getting this country back on track and that’s what we need. I’m going to be working for that man.” 

She also repeated that she has no interest in running for president herself, or in having her own political career.

“I’m a little smarter than him, I picked the easiest job,” she said.

The first lady, who often shares personal anecdotes about the president’s family life in interviews, said Obama does indeed “tuck her in” at night before working into the late hours. She recently told the story to People magazine.

“I don’t care what’s on his plate, I don’t care what he’s struggling with,” Michelle Obama said. “When he steps off that elevator into the residence, he is Barack. ... He reminds us, I’ve still got ya.”

Obama admitted she has compared her activities — hula hooping, playing double dutch, leading a round of the Dougie dance to promote her anti-obesity initiative — as first lady to that of other, more “classic,” first ladies, but concluded that “to do this job and do it well you’ve gotta be yourself.”

“My motto is I have to be authentically me,” she said. “I just kinda go with me.”

She added that her work supporting military families, which involved co-launching the Joining Forces initiative with Dr. Jill Biden, is “an always proposition” for her in the future.

“There’s a bright, shining light chasing me around, looking at what shoes I have on, what’s on my nails, and I figure if I stand in front of some good issues then light will shine on it as well,” she said of the campaigns she has launched as first lady. “[Through] the platform of the first lady, I’ve been able to hopefully add a voice and elevate this issue.”

Obama on Tuesday is promoting the release of her new book, “American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America,” a large picture book that includes recipes and stories about the White House garden as well as tips on eating healthy and shopping on a budget.

The first lady did not take an advance for the book, and the proceeds will go to the National Park Foundation.

On “The View,” she joked that the White House garden benefits from having a “big fence and men with guns” around it to keep the wildlife out. The garden is on the South Lawn and is now 1,100 square feet. But it all started with taking her daughters to farmer’s markets for organic vegetables, Obama said.

“It really started from my own personal challenges with my kids’ health,” she said of launching the anti-obesity initiative Let’s Move! “We’re not going to solve this problem with government telling people to do. But what people do need, parents in particular, they need information. … They need good labels on products, they need schools to offer nutritious, healthy meals so it doesn’t undermine what they’re trying to do at home. … Let’s Move! is about providing parents the support they need.”

The book includes some recipes served in the White House.

The first lady said the Obama family typically saves desserts for the weekend, eats a lot of broccoli, but is a “no beet family.”