Hillary Clinton dons cat-eye sunglasses to swear in new junior official


"As you can see, the entire family is appropriately attired. And thanks to the good work of the PA staff ... and then of course the piece de resistance," Clinton said, slipping on a pair of wild cat-eye sunglasses as the crowd laughed along. "OK."

Clinton then swore Hammer in, fully donned in her new accessories. After taking his oath, the newly appointed assistant secretary stepped up to the podium and wanted to share in the fun.

"Now, that is one tough act to follow," Hammer said. "Can I borrow the glasses?"

"You got ’em, babe," Clinton replied.

"Absolutely. You guys are so cool," Hammer said. "Madam Secretary, I am deeply grateful for the confidence — although you may wonder now — that you and President Obama have shown in me, with giving me this position."

"Yeah. You can take them off now," Clinton said to laughter from the crowd.

"I think so," Hammer said. "There are cameras rolling."

"This is going to be so hard to explain," Clinton answered.