Michelle Obama: ‘I don’t consider us famous’

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Obama also played a game of “pop the question,” using balloons and darts, to answer questions from the show’s Twitter followers and Facebook fans.

“Now, I can hula hoop but I don’t know about darts,” she said, but only missed once. She confirmed that the Obamas play “would you rather” at the dinner table and answered questions about which school subjects her daughters prefer and said her own least favorite is math.

“I try to pass the math off onto Barack, but sometimes he’s busy,” she said.

She said the first meal she made for her husband was gumbo.

"I was so ambitious. I made gumbo. I was really trying to impress him,” she said. “I got my mom’s recipe for gumbo, and I bought all the stuff, and it turned out really well, I think. ... He thought he was going to eat like that all the time.”