First lady re-launches ‘Obama for America’ as 'Organizing for Action'

“In terms of the specifics of what this organization will look like, a lot of that will be up to you. It will be determined by your energy and ideas and feedback. Because after all, this is your movement,” Obama said in the video.

“Supporters like you will be the heart of this organization, because for the past six years, you’ve done something so much bigger than elect a president. You’ve given ordinary people a place in our democratic process again.

“Let’s be clear: All that hard work was about more than just one election. So if we want to finish what we started and truly make that change we believe in, we can’t stop now. And that’s why today I’m proud that our friends and supporters are launching Organizing for Action, the next phase of our movement for change.”


The new group will already have a robust mailing list, drawing from the president’s reelection campaign, and the campaign is asking for supporters to sign up for the new organization online.

The first lady also made a personal appeal, asking supporters to join the new group in order to work for “change.”

“As Barack has said, winning an election won’t bring about the change we seek," she said. “It’s simply the chance to make that change. So I hope you will join Organizing for Action, to seize that chance.”