Gibbs blasts 'passive' White House response to IRS controversy

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But Gibbs said Obama should have addressed the issue more forcefully over the weekend. 

If he had, current White House spokesman Jay Carney’s Tuesday briefing with reporters, in which he struggled through questions with reporters, would have gone much smoother, Gibbs said. 


“The problem is this - the tenor of this briefing would be different if the president had spoken about this on Saturday or Sunday and not on Monday,” Gibbs told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC.

“And if the president had spoken on Monday, less about losing patience on this, which is what I do with my 9-year-old, and used far more vivid language.”

Gibbs said the White House should have immediately proposed a bipartisan panel of former IRS commissioners to investigate, and criticized the administration’s response as “exceedingly passive.”

“I think they would have a much better way of talking about this story rather than simply kind of landing on the, ‘well if this happened, then we’ll look at it’,” Gibbs said. “It sounds exceedingly passive to me.”