Huntsman ad touts jobs record, slams Obama

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsmans (R) presidential campaign released an ad touting his economic success in Utah on the same day he announced his plan for job creation.

The ad slams President Obamas jobs record, while praising Huntsmans economic reforms in his home state.

President Obama has had two years to get it right, Huntsman says in the beginning of the ad. On the most important issue we face — expanding the economy and jobs — he has fundamentally failed us.

The ad highlights tax and regulatory reform, including flattening the tax rate and lowering the sales tax in Utah.

The centerpiece of Huntsmans jobs plan is a proposal to reform tax rates. It would eliminate all loopholes, deductions and tax exemptions in exchange for establishing three individual-income brackets, taxed at 8 percent, 14 percent and 23 percent. The Huntsman plan would also eliminate capital-gains and dividend taxes, do away with the Alternative Minimum Tax and reduce the corporate tax rate to 25 percent.

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