Romney unveils jobs proposal, slams Obama's economic strategy

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney unveiled his jobs plan Tuesday, two days before President Obama is expected to deliver his proposal to a joint session of Congress.

"This is not just one silver bullet; there's not just one idea in here. There are 59 of them, and I take on almost every element to get our economy going. It is practical. This was not created by a professor working alone in academia — nothing wrong with that. This is the product of someone that has spent his life in the private sector," said Romney in his speech.

The former Massachusetts governor gave a list of five bills he would submit for congressional action within 30 days of his assuming the presidency, including a measure cutting all federal spending, except military spending, by 5 percent.

Romney said his first order of business to help the economy would be to grant a waiver for "ObamaCare" to all 50 states.

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