Trump calls Rick Perry 'Jim'

Real estate mogul Donald Trump called Texas Gov. Rick Perry a "terrific guy" Thursday, but then called him by the wrong name.

"I had dinner last night with Jim Perry," Trump told The Street Network. "I was impressed with him."

Trump and Perry dined at the pricey Jean-Georges restaurant in New York City on Wednesday night.

Trump has said that the GOP presidential candidates are all reaching out to him for input, prompting senior Trump adviser Michael Cohen to describe Trump’s influence over the primary candidates as that of “the Godfather of politics.” Trump told conservative Sean Hannity on Thursday that he is meeting with Perry's fellow front-runner, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, next week, and he reportedly met with Rep. Michele Bachman (R-Minn.) earlier this year.

"I like [Rep.] Ron Paul [R-Texas] very much, but I have not met with him yet," Trump said.

Trump said he plans to endorse once he has sized up the current field, but has not ruled out jumping into the race himself if the Republicans don't nominate a candidate he can support.