Perry slams Romney on healthcare, jobs

Texas Gov. Rick Perry slammed Republican presidential field opponent Mitt Romney Thursday on his healthcare policies and job-creation record on the campaign trail.

"My opponent, who served as the governor of Massachusetts — while he was governor his job record, his jobs ranking was forty-seventh the in the nation when it came to creating jobs," said Perry.

He then told the audience that "RomneyCare" had slowed growth and cost the commonwealth 18,000 jobs, citing a Beacon Hill Institute study.

"Government-mandated, government-run healthcare costs too much. It kills too many jobs and it gets between you and you're doctor, and it doesn't make any difference whether it's passed in Massachusetts or it's passed in Washington, D.C., it's bad medicine and it needs to be stopped," he said.

Perry promised that as president he will make the federal government as "inconsequential" in peoples lives as possible.