Ron Paul economic plan would eliminate five agencies, thousands of jobs

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GOP presidential Ron Paul identified more than 200,000 government jobs as “nonproductive” Monday and called for the termination of five Cabinet-level agencies. 

In his “Plan to Restore America,” Paul, a Republican lawmaker from Texas, proposes $1 trillion in cuts to government agencies, including the termination of the departments of Commerce, Education, Energy, Interior and Housing and Urban Development. The cuts contained in the economic plan would slash thousands of jobs that Paul concludes to be “nonproductive.”


“They’re not productive jobs, because governments aren’t smart enough” to spend tax dollars “diligently,” Paul explained Monday on CNN’s "The Situation Room." 

Pressed on the issue of military spending and nuclear arms, Paul said he wants the U.S. to scale back on its weapons arsenal, adding that the U.S. “has enough[nuclear arms] to blow up the world about twenty times, and people are calling for more.”