Paul campaign announces multimillion-dollar ad buy

Paul's buy features two ads — the first, titled "Plan," outlines the candidate's recently released economic plan, which included a 15 percent cut to the defense budget and an end to all foreign aid, among $1 trillion in overall cuts that included the elimination of five Cabinet-level agencies.

The ad also highlights Paul's intention to withdraw from foreign wars and cut taxes.

The second, a 60-second ad called "Consistent," puts Paul on the attack against Republican front-runners Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and Rick Perry. After a montage of working Americans dismayed by the economy, the ad highlights President Obama and each of the Republican candidates suggesting support for various bailout plans.


The ad then asks, "Who will lead?" and cuts to clips of Paul over the years denouncing federal spending.

“No other Republican candidate’s economic plan matches that of Dr. Paul’s, so in turn we thought it only right to follow with a worthy campaign advertising effort,” said Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton.

The ads are expected to air in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.