New Cain ad showing chief of staff smoking cigarette catches attention

A new video from Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain's campaign features chief of staff Mark Block puffing on a cigarette. 

The ad touts Cain's unusual candidacy, with Block saying he's proud to be serving a candidate the country has not seen before.

"We've run a campaign like nobody's ever seen, but then America's never seen a candidate like Herman Cain," Block says.

The video then moves to a close-up shot of Block smoking a cigarette while the song "I Am America" plays in the background.

If Block is trying to showcase Cain's unusual candidacy, smoking a cigarette is one way to do so.

Most contemporary politicians keep their smoking private; President Obama has acknowledged his smoking, but images of the president puffing a cigarette are hard to come by.

The ad, which gained traction on blogs Monday, concludes with a smiling close-up of Cain, the former Godfather's Pizza CEO.

The video isn't the only connection the Cain campaign has to smoking.

The New York Times reported Saturday that as president of the the National Restaurant Association, Cain allied himself with cigarette makers that were fighting restaurant smoking bans.

Prior to joining the Cain campaign, Block served as Wisconsin state director for the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, a group that has advocated against state smoking bans.

The ad, titled "Now is the time for action!" was uploaded to Cain's YouTube account on Oct. 19, but is still unlisted.