Wasserman Schultz blasts Perry's flat tax plan as 'definition of insanity'

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Perry, the Texas governor, laid out a sweeping overhaul to the nation's tax code, entitlements and way of budgeting Tuesday. He called for an optional 20 percent flat tax, a privatized option for Social Security and a hike in the eligibility age for Social Security and Medicare.

"This is not a new idea, this is not something that's proposed for the first time. A flat tax has been introduced in the past and it's been rejected because it blows a hole in the deficit," she added.

Wassserman Schultz, a congresswoman from Florida, said she believes Perry's plan will exclusively benefit the wealthiest Americans without helping the middle class.

"This proposal not only does nothing for them, it just leaves them out in the cold and focuses on the same trickle down economics," said Wasserman Schultz in reference to Americans making between $50,000 and $500,000 a year.

She told MSNBC her constituents are not concerned about dividends, capital gains, or estate taxes, but rather their annual income.

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Wasserman Schultz also weighed-in on Perry's recent "birther" comments.

In an interview that aired on CNBC Tuesday Perry expanded on the comments he made to Parade magazine over the weekend, in which he said he wasn't sure whether Obama is an American citizen.

He called keeping the issue of whether President Obama was born in the United States alive "fun."

Many political commentators said delving into this topic was distracting to his economic campaign message.

"I think it's clear whether it's Rick Perry or Mitt Romney that they think that politics is a cynical game," said Wasserman Schultz.