New Romney Iowa ad: Smaller government, end of 'ObamaCare'

Mitt Romney is airing a new 30-second ad in Iowa in which he promises to shrink government and get rid of the Obama administration's healthcare reform law. 

The ad, "Conservative Agenda," features Romney promising to streamline the federal government and highlighting the former Massachusetts governor's background as a businessman. Spliced together with clips of him talking, Romney is seen walking through factories and talking with voters in a diner. 


"I'm going to do something to government," Romney says in the ad. "I'm going to make it simpler and smaller and smarter. Getting rid of programs, turning programs back to states, and finally, making government itself more efficient."

Romney also stresses stronger fiscal discipline in the ad. 

"It’s a moral imperative for America to stop spending more money than we take in," Romney says. "The experience of balancing budgets is desperately needed in Washington and I will take it there," Romney says. 

The ad comes just ahead of the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses. The early date of the Iowa caucuses has caused the Republican presidential campaigns to have a sort of ceasefire and hold off on negative attacks and ads during the holiday season. Restore Our Future, a pro-Romney super-PAC, was off the air on Saturday and Sunday. The respite of negative attacks is meant to avoid offending large swaths of Iowa Christian conservatives.