Latest Gingrich Web ad a montage of Romney gaffes

Clips included Romney's recent proclamation that he likes "being able to fire people who provide me services," his comment that "corporations are people," and his offer to bet rival Rick Perry $10,000 over statements he made in a debate.

The Gingrich campaign also unearths uncomfortable canine-related moments from the 2008 race to the White Hosue, including when Romney admitted to putting his dog in a kennel on top of his car ("he was comfortable," Romney maintained) and a moment where he said, "Who let the dogs out?" while meeting with African-American voters.

The ad concludes with text asking viewers to "imagine what Obama would do with a candidate like this."

Gingrich has had Romney in his crosshairs since a series of attack ads from pro-Romney groups in Iowa derailed Gingrich's once surging campaign. Earlier in the week, Gingrich criticized Romney's performance at Bain Capital, drawing the ire of some conservatives who argued the attack was anti-capitalist. The former House Speaker hopes that by focusing on Romney's gaffes, he can undermine the electability argument that has been key to Romney's early victories in Iowa and New Hampshire.