Senate hopeful to raffle off car

A Senate hopeful from Iowa says if he’s elected to office he intends to raffle off his campaign car to supporters who submit their personal information on his website.


Bob Quast is running as a write-in Democratic candidate in the Hawkeye State’s June primary. In a quirky campaign ad posted Thursday, the limousine company owner says, “Iowa, if I win this election, I’m going to blow your mind, and give away a free car.” Quast directs viewers to his website for “details and all that attorney mumbo jumbo.”

On his campaign site, Quast — who’s running against Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) — says he’s serious “as a heart attack” about giving away his 2014 Chevy Spark, “so long as doing so doesn’t violate any existing law, rule, regulation, or other work of the nation’s busy attorneys and lawmakers.”

He also answers potential questions about the vehicle, such as if the Chevy Spark “glows” like it does in his campaign ad: “No, that was not real. Bob’s professional videographer did that, which was cool.”

When asked, “Is the Chevy Spark cool to drive?” Quast replies, “Not nearly as cool as Bob’s other cars, but still pretty cool with its 5-speed and new car scent.”