Romney: I would not sign DREAM Act

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Mitt Romney walked a fine line on immigration at Monday night’s GOP debate, stressing that he is in favor of legal immigration while blasting illegal immigration in South Carolina and saying he would not support the DREAM Act.

After Fox News’s Juan Williams asked him whether his hard-line immigration stance could hurt him with Latino voters in the general election, Romney avoided taking the strident tone he had in previous debates when he demanded that the U.S. “turn off the magnets” of allowing immigrants here illegally to get in-state tuition, as Rick Perry has backed.

But Romney said that he would not, if he were president, sign the DREAM Act, the measure that would open a path to citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants who attended college or served in the military. President Obama backs the DREAM Act, which failed in Congress in 2010 and is popular in the Latino community.

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