Obama buys ad time in six swing states

The general election is about to heat up considerably.

President Obama's reelection team has started buying television ad time in battleground states — its first major ad buy of the 2012 election cycle, a campaign official says.


Team Obama will begin to air its first ads in six swing states — Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Virginia — and on national cable, the official said.

One television ad called “Unprecedented,” highlights what the campaign sees as Obama’s accomplishments on clean energy and his efforts to reduce the influence of special interests in Washington.

The spots will begin to air in the coming days.

The ad buys come as Obama travels to Florida on Thursday and hits a few more swing states next week — including Michigan, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada — after his State of the Union address.

Even though the GOP has not selected a nominee to challenge Obama yet, the president will have a chance to push back on a string of TV attack ads by the Republican presidential candidates.

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