Gingrich tells Romney to stay out of fights 'he doesn't understand'

“For Governor Romney to pick a fight over which of us understood Reagan and which of us didn’t — this is a guy who in 1992 was giving money to Democrats and voted in the Democratic primary for Paul Songas,” Gingrich said on C-SPAN’s "Washington Journal" Monday morning, “I mean he shouldn’t get involved in a fight about a history he doesn’t understand and a president he didn’t support.”

Before attacking the former Massachusetts governor, however, Gingrich commended Romney for his decision to release his tax returns on Tuesday, saying it was a tradition started by Romney’s father, the former governor of Michigan, that should be continued.

Blasted by opponents for dancing around the issue before saying he wouldn't release his tax returns until April, Romney said in his announcement on Sunday that his initial choice not to release the information sooner was "a mistake."