Romney sings 'America the Beautiful' on campaign trail

The former Massachusetts governor sang "America the Beautiful" to a crowd at an event in Florida just before voters in the Sunshine State head to the polls.

It was a memory of traveling around the country with his parents that spurred his musical interlude, he said.

"This nation was founded on a principal and principals that are not just temporary, but enduring. I love the Declaration of Independence. I love the vision of the Founders. I want America to remain a merit society, an opportunity society, where people come here seeking and live here seeking their own dreams and wish to pursue them. I do not want to turn this into an entitlement nation," said Romney.  


Before breaking into song, he reminisced about a trip he took with his parents as a child to the country's national parks, telling the audience "they wanted us to see the beauty of the land."

"There's a song that captures that for me. O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, across the fruited plain," said Romney before asking the crowd, "can you sing that song?"

Romney then led everyone in the first couple of verses of the patriotic tribute.

The GOP front-runner is not the only presidential hopeful to show off his musical talents on the campaign trail.

Herman Cain, who withdrew from the race in December, sang a gospel hymn at the National Press Club back in October, and Jon Huntsman, who has also since dropped out, played the piano at various campaign stops.

Just a few weeks ago President Obama got attention when he belted out a line from Al Green's hit "Let's Stay Together" at a fundraiser at the Apollo Theater in New York City.